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Picture Static

The Picture Static component is used to add small images to your form. Images can be either uploaded from your local source or sourced from a web page. Uploaded images are stored in the Bright Pattern Contact Center system. They must be in the .PNG format and the size of the original image shall not exceed 20 KB. Note that if you select an image in one of the other standard formats, including .JPG, .BMP, and .GIF, the system will attempt to upload it as well. However, because of the internal conversion to .PNG, the size of the original image in such other formats may have to be smaller than the 20 KB allowed for the .PNG format.

Activity form Picture Static component

For images sourced from web pages, only links are stored.

To add this component to your activity form, hold and drag the component from the component menu on the left, onto the blank form on the right.


Image url

You can copy the URL of a desired image from a web page and paste it into this field. To use an image from a local source, click the upload button and select the desired file. The Image url field in this case will show the link to the internal system location where a copy of the uploaded image is stored.

Activity form Picture component settings

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