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Supervisor Docs

The following docs apply to supervisors working in Bright Pattern Contact Center version 3.18.

Supervisor's view of Agent Desktop


What's New in Version 3.18

Read about the features and enhancements added to Bright Pattern Contact Center in version 3.18

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse real questions (organized by topic) asked by Bright Pattern customers and clients.

Reference and How-To

Supervisor Guide

The Supervisor Guide provides instructions for using the Bright Pattern Contact Center Agent Desktop application in Supervisor mode to perform and oversee various telecommunication and customer service tasks for teams in your contact center.

Agent Guide

Even as a supervisor, you'll want to review the Agent Guide, which provides instructions for agents using the Agent Desktop application to perform various telecommunication and customer service tasks.

Agent Desktop Helper Application

In order to use functions such as softphone and screen pop on your Agent Desktop, you'll need to download and enable the Agent Desktop Helper Application.


Custom Reporting Tutorial

Learn how the TIBCO Jaspersoft Studio application can be configured for creating custom report templates.

Reporting Database Specification

View definitions of the statistical data and detailed records that are used for generating the out-of-the-box Bright Pattern Contact Center reports.

Reporting Reference Guide

The Reporting Reference Guide explains all the reports available in Bright Pattern Contact Center, along with how to interpret campaign results, search for interaction records, and review associated call recordings and chat transcripts.

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