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Dispositions and Notes

Dispositions are custom interaction results defined by your contact center management. When handling a service interaction, you may be required to select one of the dispositions that define the outcome of the interaction. If dispositions are defined for the services that you provide, the Contact Info Panel of your Agent Desktop will display the Disposition Selector for every associated service interaction.

If you are required to set dispositions, you will receive detailed instructions for their use from your system administrator. Learn more about dispositions and how they are managed in the Contact Center Administrator Guide.

In addition to dispositions, you can also enter free-form text notes to provide more information about the outcome of the interaction.

Disposition selector

How to Enter Dispositions and Notes

To enter a disposition for an interaction and/or related notes, follow these steps:

  1. At any time during the interaction with the customer or while in the After Call Work state, click the Disposition selector.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select the disposition that corresponds to the result of the interaction. Some dispositions specific to outbound campaigns may require additional parameters, such as scheduling of another call attempt. If such parameters are required, they will be displayed in the Contact Info Panel.
  3. If necessary, enter free-form notes in the text field.
  4. Continue to process the interaction normally. For more information about finishing interactions, see How to Release a Call and How to Wrap Up After-call Work.

Selected disposition and free-form notes

Note: If you use a custom form in the Context Information Area for processing data related to a specific call, both the Disposition Selector and the Notes field may appear in that form instead of the Contact Info Panel.

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